Bored at home ? Try these 100 activities to make the most out of your day

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  1. Workout
  2. Organize your room
  3. Make fruit salad
  4. Make a bucket list
  5. Edit some pictures
  6. Bond with your siblings
  7. Plant some flower in your garden
  8. Do some online shopping
  9. Soak in the sun
  10. Take some naps
  11. Search a new hobby
  12. Do some yoga
  13. Play some board games
  14. Cook for your family
  15. Plan your next trip
  16. Discover new genre of music
  17. Put on a face mask
  18. Binge watch your favorite show
  19. Learn to play an instrument
  20. Try Meditation
  21. Do Journaling
  22. Try a new hairstyle
  23. Do a puzzle
  24. Get some fresh air
  25. Clean your gadgets
  26. Follow a skin care routine
  27. Watch TED talks and take notes
  28. Delete old contacts from your phone
  29. Start learning a new language
  30. Do week meal plan
  31. Learn a new skill
  32. Do Doodle
  33. Watch something uplifting
  34. Take an online class
  35. Write down your life goals
  36. Learn Calligraphy
  37. Practice deep breathing
  38. Organize your finance
  39. Backup from computer and phone
  40. Remove expired items
  41. Learn about finances and budgeting
  42. Listen to personal growth podcasts
  43. Read a book
  44. Take photos
  45. Do your laundry
  46. Create emergency kit
  47. Clean your fridge
  48. Join a book club
  49. Rearrange your furniture
  50. Research some fitness videos
  51. Create a family tree
  52. Call a friend
  53. Try different makeup looks
  54. Write a story
  55. Read different blogs
  56. Take bubble bath
  57. Learn Origami
  58. Learn some magic tricks
  59. Make Paper Mache
  60. Do a collage
  61. Make a vision board
  62. Sort your wardrobes
  63. Track last months spending
  64. Clean your fridge
  65. Finish some unfinished projects
  66. Facetime someone
  67. Redecorate your room
  68. Update your resume
  69. Create a playlist
  70. Write a letter to your future self
  71. Set intentions for the day
  72. Write about10 things you are grateful for
  73. Find a new affirmation for the week
  74. Clean your shoes
  75. Do some painting
  76. Make a photo wall
  77. Upcycle old clothes in your closet
  78. Unsubscribe from mailing lists
  79. Clean your car, bike or cycle
  80. Bake some cookies
  81. Try writing poems
  82. Make a want and need list
  83. Re watch your favorite movie
  84. Stretch
  85. Plan a party
  86. Play with your pet
  87. List the name of people who inspire you
  88. Dance and sing
  89. Create First Aid kit
  90. Try creative writing
  91. Make a cocktail or a mocktail
  92. Explore what are the things you enjoy the most
  93. Play a video game
  94. Check your progress
  95. Wear your favorite outfit
  96. Watch sunrise and sunset
  97. Compliment someone
  98. Treat yourself some fresh flowers
  99. Listen to the birds
  100. Pray for the better world



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Rashmi Kumari

Rashmi Kumari

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