7 Best Ways To Kick-Start Your Day !

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As you all know, a good morning routine sets up the mood for the entire day but we fail to make it the best ritual of our daily life. This happens due to many reasons like procrastination, getting up late, more screen-time, lack of sufficient sleep, etc.

I will tell you some of the best ways that helped me become a morning person and how it can work out the same way for you as well.

  1. MINDSET :

The most important thing to remember is “ I Can Do It ! ” Yes that’s true. All it takes to make your day really productive is this simple formula of mental conditioning where you remind yourself that You are a Morning Person and You enjoy your Mornings. Just give it a try for a few days and see the result for yourself.

2. Make your mornings Desirable :

Now what do that mean ! I want you to look forward to the mornings as something you have been waiting for very long, like catching up with an old friend, a day outing to your city, visit to your favorite café, or anything that you are looking forward to.

3. Favorite Breakfast :

This may seem something trivial but it could become the key factor to boost your morning motivation — a healthy, fulfilling breakfast that you absolutely relish. Savoring your favorite cuisine is one of the most compelling activities proven by recent studies, so why not use it to our benefit. This way we can trick our brain by associating waking up early to reward like this, which can go a long way. You won’t need an alarm to remind you to wake up early after a few days.

4. Exercise :

Get yourself moving ! The easiest way to really get into the habit of exercise is rather very simple — just move yourself. Do a Jogging and light stretching if you are not a gym person. Yoga, Swimming, Running Outdoors, Cycling, Aerobics are some other forms of exercise that you may enjoy. Keep exploring till you find something that makes your heart pounding, and keeping you in shape. Remember in a Healthy Body lives a Healthy Mind.

5. Read :

As says the famous quote by Cicero “ A Room without Books is like a Body without a Soul.” Start your day with some deep, meaningful, motivating quotes to keep yourself filled with enthusiasm and passion to fulfill all your tasks for the day. It will help you rediscover yourself and your true potentials. Read a few pages of a book of any genres that you appreciate. The 365 days of reading will surely enhance your skills and would have a profound impact on your overall development, building confidence and a zeal to learn something new everyday.

6. Meditate :

Meditation has many proven significant benefits that help us to attain focus, clarity, self-awareness, increase in imagination and creativity, reduction in stress and negative emotions and many more. Practicing meditation even for a few minutes will have a positive influence in your life and help you maintain balance, calmness and concentration everyday.

7. Practice Gratitude :

Everyday without fail, practice gratitude for a few minutes. Spend a few minutes to really feel, appreciate and realize how blessed you are in this world full of unfortunates. This practice will help you understand the value of each and every person, objects, comforts, services that we generally take for granted. Appreciate more to have more coming your way.

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